Lifetime Cost of Cable

We’ve been talking a lot about wants vs. needs lately and how to control your wants. One of the most notorious wants that many struggle with is cable TV. That’s right – cable […]

Comparing Cable TV with Internet Streaming

When was the last time you watched TV on a TV? The rise of Internet streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime has inserted some welcome competition into […]


Media Streaming Device

Skynet TV is the ultimate streaming media player on the market. The Skynet TV Box streams your favorite TV shows, movies, sporting events music and so much more. With a stable internet connection, Skynet TV allows you to stream all of your favorite media with the click of a button. Skynet TV offers 16 GB of space to save your favorite programs so that they can be viewed quickly and easily. Skynet TV also has free updates, a 15-day return policy, and a 1-year included warranty, and a $99 two year extended warranty with complimentary box replacement in the unlikely even that something goes wrong.