Are you a music buff, always looking to expand your familiarity with a variety of genres, artists, and styles? Skynet TV is not only your go-to for television, movie, and sports but also has an extensive collection of music suitable for everyone’s individual tastes. With thousands of songs to choose from, you can fill you home with the sounds of the holidays, introduce new artists, or satisfy nostalgia with some throwback tunes.

Not only does Skynet TV have tons of artists to choose from, but with the USB ports and a microphone, you can become the artist! Our system allows users to hook up microphones to sing karaoke at get-togethers and provide in-house entertainment that (hopefully) everyone will enjoy! So take advantage of expanding your music knowledge or providing fun for the whole family with Skynet TV!


Media Streaming Device

Skynet TV is the ultimate streaming media player on the market. The Skynet TV Box streams your favorite TV shows, movies, sporting events music and so much more. With a stable internet connection, Skynet TV allows you to stream all of your favorite media with the click of a button. Skynet TV offers 16 GB of space to save your favorite programs so that they can be viewed quickly and easily. Skynet TV also has free updates, a 15-day return policy, and a 1-year included warranty, and a $99 two year extended warranty with complimentary box replacement in the unlikely even that something goes wrong.